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Your Ticket to Nice Music

Thinking about how strange it may appear to think of Mariah as belonging to my sales team, as you once might have read in one of the previous posts.

(you can find the previous post in the link here below:)


  • I have some even stranger things that I became to realise. In my time at that Big Entertainment Company I worked, I was once invited to come to a special concert of "Brian McNight" didn't went to the concert, because I worked hard, hardly had any energy left to go to all the concerts that I could go to besides at that time I didn't even know who he was!!! Just a few days later I saw him perform in an episode of the Hit TV-series "Beverly Hills 90210" And recently read in a newspaper article that he has sold over 16 Million Albums!

    Than an other thing also was invited to the After Party of "Boys II Men" infact the tickets for it came out of my printer. Didn't go to that one either. The stranges thing when I some years ago bought a CD of Mariah Carey "Nr. 1's" I discovered that she had duets with both Brian McNight "When ever you Call" and on that CD there is also a song "One Sweet Day" with Boys II Men! So can you blame me to do something back and be on her Sales Team as well.

    You can find her CD on Amazon.

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