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Guess who's Bithday it is Today???

I was just lying in the Sun Listening to the Radio on my little 'Solar Powered Radio' and there I heared in an announcement that it's Michael Jackson's Birthday today!!!

So I just rushed to my computer to put some CD's on my Music Blogspot because Michael Jackson is definitely a 'Music Force of Nature' that you simply cannot denie.

In the Video her below you can see that Michael Jackson also inspired thousands of people like you can see for example in the 'Britains Got Talent Video' here below:

So as promised CD's of this Music & Dance Genius:

Here below is just a tiny portion of the 'Going down the Memory Lane'
Or maybe I must say 'Get on down', 'Get on down the road...,' You can say what you want about Michael Jackson - and the whole Jackson Family for that matter - that Music is in his vains.

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