I must have been living under a rock lately.

For people that read my little 'The Vision eBook' (see The Vision eBook) they know that years ago I have worked in the Music Business as a Creative Sales Support Employee so obviously I enjoy music. Not that I really write posts that frequent, so I don't use a specific editorial calender that I use to obligate myself to write a specific amount of posts each month or something like that. Not at all, because my posts are EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Don't think that anybody can argue with that :)


Some years ago I met a Singer, family of friends of mine. She sang in an all Woman Vocal Group, and had plans for going Solo. So since I had some experience in the Music Business she told me that she had a demo and was planning to work with a producer and was asking me questions about how to start up such things, and what would be good companies to work with etc. etc.

So somewhere in 2003 and 2004 we emailed a little back and forth about it, talked about it at a local concert, also saw her perform in a small theatre,
recognising evident talent. Than some times I heared some 'bits' and 'pieces' about her career from those friends of mine. Because of family circumstances and the exhausting concequences my life in general has been a little on the back burner for the last few years!, and lately also hardly looked at the Music Charts. So I haven't even noticed that July 6th the song titled Back it Up was released. And since probably at the peak of this songs success in the summer of 2009 I was relaxing in Spain, doing a lot of cooling down, swimming in the swimmingpool or being near the beach. (see News from the Canary Islands) I didn't know anything about any exploding successes! And although I do think that I must have heard it on the radio frequently - because I totally know the songs when I hear them - I didn't know it was her voice!

I must been living under a rock lately because I didn't even know anything about it and also didn't know that with her song titled: 'A Night Like This' she even had a Nr. 1 hit in the Single Top 100!

So just recently I heared about her breakthrough successes and on YouTube I saw her apperance in a Martini Commercial with the song titled: Back it Up

Here in a local Music Store I even saw her album: Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor on Nr. 1 in the Album Charge!.

'Here below you can find some of the releases':

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