Michael Jackson Mixes

In a previous posts I wrote about
Pretty Amazing Software for Mixing and you could
also read about a Michael Jackson Mix by Cash Cash,
that I wrote about, and now recently....,

Find out more about how we MIX/Combine

several Techniques in our Designs at:


While laying on the beach, again I discovered
an other Michael Jackson (Re) Mix,

As I also wrote about some years ago
in a previous post titled:

Guess who's Birthday it is Today?

Michael Jackson Inspired
many people

'(Now after writing this post) I also discovered
jet an other tribute....,'

So to also add an other tribute 'to the Mix'
You can also discover the one here below that 'Mixes'
Michaels Music with an actual different Music Style!
also great to Listen to

Btw. as I also wrote about in a post titled:

Michael Jackson: Unusual Big Multi Talent
You can discover that besides his obvious Music & Dance Talent and being
Inspirational, Michael Jackson also has been very inovative
in Movies and Film Making, and you can read more

about Movies in general on hpshappymovies.blogspot.com

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