Talking About Great Music Listening Adventures.

In one of the previous posts I already
wrote about some of my Music Adventures
Like for example about;

Discovering Pretty Amazing Software for Mixing Music

Or about one of my

'Music Business Inside Stories' or
like for example the great performances at:

Lidel South Sea Jazz 2012
and also during Laren Jazz 2010 and Goois Jazz Festival

And in an other way when
I wrote a post titled:
Did You Know I Once Had Mariah Carey On my Sales Team? and when I discovered some
Pretty Amazing Software for Mixing

As you know I do like to
occasionally write Product Reviews for you
also for example things like

Book Reviews
from books that I enjoy reading etc. etc.
Or occasionally even like to experiment
with writing actual

Adventure Stories
and other types of Writing.


'Begin this New Year, when I saw a TV Show with
Tony Bennett singing Duets with a lot of different
Artists, listening to some of those great songs

It was Great Music Listening,

with great Lyrics
it was again somewhat of an Adventure,
a Music Adventure'

and great to Listen to

To give you an idea, just to name a few,
for example Tony Bennett singing Duets with Mega Stars like
Faith Hill, Aretha Franklin and even
a Duet with Pop Diva Lady Ga Ga!!!!.

Btw. talking about Pop Diva's....,
Adele known from here successful album

titled: 21 won at the Golden Globes
with the Original Song, Motion Picture: 'Skyfall' with the
Song Skyfall.

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