Great Music Listening

Hello Music Lover!

You can express you Love for Music
with great

Customizable T-shirts

and even with Your Head Phones!!!

Great for Listening
to Music!

You can Listen to Music to Relax, or to Engergize, by Listening 
to what ever you want to enjoy,

   Your Music at Your Time. 

You Now Can Create Your Own Personalized Head Phones

especially practical when you when you enjoy

Mixing Music

and like to express your Brand Name,
Like for example with your own


DJ Headphones, Customizable text
DJ Headphones, Customizable tekst by EdelhertDesignStudio
Look at more Colorful lettering Headphones at zazzle

This is one of the many of our Colorful Nature Inspired Designs, 
its a Snake Skin Pattern, a Boa Pattern Skin to be more specific.

Blue Tooth, Wireless, Over-the-ear Cups, 
Full-range audio spectrum

and Also Look at Our
Recently Added NEW Head Phones DESIGNS ! ! !

In our 2019 TWEET!!!

Cute Leopard Headphones

Cute Leopard Headphones

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Spiders in Spiders Web Headphones

Spiders in Spiders Web Headphones

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See More Head Phones

Can you remember when the first
Portable Audio came on the Market...?

You can think about break-through audio like
for example the Walkman Cassette Players,
or the Disk Man, it was unbelievable
that you could carry

a whole 'Big Band in a Box!'

You can also store lots of your favorite
Music Tracks
on a simple USB-stick like for
example on a Funny Designed USB-stick like the
one here below:

with a Funny Talking Parrot on it,
a Yellow and Blue Macaw, 

with an actual Tekst Balloon,
It's easy to carry one with you.

                                         Customizable USB Swivel Flash Drive, 
                                         for Students, for Business 
                                         or for Around the House. 



Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker
Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker by EdelhertDesignStudio
View other Drumming octopus Pieladium Speaker at

                       Portable Blue Tooth Speaker, Bold Sound, Rechargable Battery,
                       Built in Microphone to make Hands Free Phone Calls

See More Speakers

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