Glennis Grace, Tribute
To Whitney Houston

'Lady G
one of the Ladies of Soul (Dutch)   
Ladies of Soul (English)


Life Music Perfomance with,
Singing & Dancing
+ An Audio Visual Presentation

When I go to Music Performances
you usually can read a blog post about it.

In the Tweet here above you see that we went to
a Life Music Performance with Singing & Dancing
from the mosaic teacher of my sister.

It was a Great Listening experience,

There was a wide range, well known Repertoire
in Dutch, French, English and even the Spanish language.
Everybody was invited to join in and sing along.

Expressing Musically & Visually: 

Their Performance was enthousiastic.
          The three singers were dressed in black and white:
          Ramona had a highly suitable Dress with Music Notes on them!
          Jeane wore black trousers with a black & white blouse and
          Suzan was dressed in a white skirt and black top.

          With some songs they went into special wardrobe
          to underline the song visually.

(I also wrote about the relationship between                                  Visual & Musical in a previous  blog post titled: 
Expressing Musically & Visually)

In between the performances there also was a Nostalgic Audio Visual Presentation about great Memorable Music:
a Special 'Walk Down Memory Lane'.
The Presenter used a Beamer Projector for it.

A Beamer is a Great Tool for Projecting great looking
Images and to create a special atmosphere.

(It also can be used as a great tool for
Projecting Song Lyrics as you could read about in
a blog post about: Using A Beamer With Kareoke)

There are a lot of people involved in such a Performance, the Artists, the people at the location, the Sound Engineer in the back, several Photographers,
Speakers/Presenters, and obviously the Audience.

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Jazz Singer Sietske

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TARZAN, Great Music
Great Performance!


Music Performance:
Jazz-singer Sietske with her Band

In our local newspaper in the Diary slot,
I saw a short announcement about a music perfomance:
Jazz-singer Sietske with her band.

I like jazz music so I was curious about their music.

They played their latest release
titled: "Leaving Traces".

Sietkse explained the title: As I have understood, it has to
do with the fact that encounters with other people
can - Leave Traces -, can help to get new ideas, insights
and can help stretch beyond the things we know.

Something that made me think about one of our previous
Tweets, early this year, our Nature Walks in Winter:
specially the one about the Sheep leaving a Trail.
(and also a tweet about Lost Objects)

                     Sietske also told the audience, that she allways
                     wants that the song tells a story.

On you can read more background info
and interesting facts about their music making proces.

There you can also read about
- her music being endearing with a quiet complexity -.
That indeed is a great description for how I have
experienced the music.

It makes me think about one of my previous blog posts
on this blog titled:

Easily Playing Along
With relaxing sounds that seem to come effortlessly,
like the wind or a rippling creek.

Some of the things that I noticed from the band was
that the base player occasionally used a drumstick
to gently drum on the strings.

The percusionist too used sometimes soft drumsticks
to play on the symbals to add subtile 'special effects'.

Also I noticed that the guitar and the piano - like other instruments -
occasionally seemed to be connected and intertwined. It sounded like
you could barely know if it was the piano or the guitar you listned to.

It was a Great Listening experience,

Together with occasional Scat singing at the same time,
making it an extra special experience:
                                         - Leaving Traces -

I also made a Tweet about it as you can see here below:

Talking About
Chasing Rainbows...,

One of the tracks that she performed is titled:
Chasing Rainbows, and funny enough,
Recently we took photos for an annual Photo Competition
And one of our Photos was from a Unusual Special Rainbow,

We also made a Poster from this Photo
as you can see here below:

You can read more background info about this photo on our Digital Camera-ideas Blog in a Blog post titled:

More of Our Photos
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Rainbow over Tulips Field Poster

Rainbow over Tulips Field Poster

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See This Poster

See More Posters

An other Music Video you might you can
discover in a blog post titled:
Happy Music, Summer Time


Lyrics & Websites and Finding Guitar Chords

In some of my previous posts I wrote about "Finding" things
on the Internet, and also about Finding Music Lyrics.

So as a service to my visitors I searched for some interesting
Lyrics sites where you can find Music Lyrics.
To name a few:

'And Last but not least...,'

Especially for finding Guitar Chords:


Some Info
About Writing Lyrics Yourself

When you want to learn more about
How you can Sell Lyrics yourself, you can find an
interesting site about it on the

Great Links-Page at the The WRITERS Blog.

Or read more about it


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Birds Music Composition

Some years ago I experimented with
Mixing Music and Composing
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Since I do have somewhat of a fascination for Birds,
In it I also Mixed in some Bird-Sounds,
(just imagine them to be as Seagals)

At that time, for my Healthy Lifestyle Blog, I was also looking
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I Love Music


I Discovered An Interesting Blog Post
About 'Melody First'

Hello Music Enthousiast,
Thanks to have you on my blog again,

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts
about Piano Improvisation

I have experimented with some melody sequences and
also actually did discover some pretty wild improvisations,

And did practice some of the principles that I wrote about earlier,
and although it does feel somewhat liberating that
the principles do give some guidance...,

Only although it feeling liberating feels good,
it also feels somewhat to much boundary-less, and

An actual song still feels somewhat further in to the future.
I did however find an interesting blog post
about how "Melody First" can give some boundaries
that can help to write lyrics.

In a blog post titled:

The Wonderful Limitations of your
Vocal Melody


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Bubbling Bunny Bathroom Set Customizable
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An Easy Way to Play

In my younger years I occasionally played on the Piano and on my Keyboard,
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Just recently with the help of
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How to actually play Chords as you can read about
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Providing Harmony Playing Chords

Just recently a friend of mine told me about an other interesting way to
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Also read an other
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Great Piano Improvisations Tips

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