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Katy Perry Telling About The Songwriting Process & Did U2 See Our DAISIES Designs On Our Pinterest Board...?

Daisy Flowers Baby Bib

Daisy Flowers Baby Bib

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Any Idea What 
This Blog Post Will Be About…?

WRONG  ! in this Blog post I am - NOT - going to talk about
Pregnancies, (or about Katja Schuurmans) or things like that….,

(if you like to know more about that
You can have a look at this interview from Howard Stern)

What Will it be 
About Than You Might Ask…?

It's about this other interview Video
from Howard Stern where he Interviews Katy Perry about

- Songwriting Process - 

See Video Here Below:

See More Posts On this Blog Related To Making Music & Songwriting

Besides being a Music Artist she also
has been in American Idol as one of the Judges,
for this TV-Show, see this previous post:


Some time ago I already wrote about Katy Perry New Release DAISIES

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New Release from Katy Perry

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Singing Whales

These Singing Whales Gave Me Inspiration 

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