Music Perfomances I Have Been To

As I wrote about in my post titled:

So Many Things to Tell....,

There are several of Music Performances I have been to
that I didn't yet wrote Blog posts about,

the Performance from Massada is one of them, I remember that I also did make notes
from a previous time they played at the same location, while I

wanted to write that I had the impression that that Performance (and also this recent one)
have been a better experience for what the variety in up-tempo and slower songs
is concerned, compared to when I saw and heared them play several years ago
at the Lidel South Sea Jazz 2012

Something More About
Percussion Instruments:

In the Music there where several great sounding
uptempo rhytems going on ! ! !

and I noticed that for the
Percussion playing, occasionally a Waterbottle was used

to play the Cymbals!

And something more,

In one of my previous other blog posts titled:

Latin Music Performance you can read about an other interesting Performance I have been to with 
some more background info about Percussion Instruments
with info about Instruments like

Maracas and a Guiro

simply click the Latin Music Performance link 


Some Imporant Music Marketing Tips
Band Name & Contact Info

It's Summer Time, and in my previous blog post
I went a little 'Off Topic', telling about Our Panoramic Landscape Flipflops and other things To Take to the Beach …..,

Since it's still rather warm weather, and great weather for Vacations and to
Go to The Beach I just had a refreshing drink, sitting outside in a nice shady spot
and listened to a Podcast about Music Marketing, Looking somewhat like
the Cat you see in one of our previous (Re-Tweeted) TWEETs,
you see here above.

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One of the Important things in Music Marketing does sound Obvious,
only often you see a Band, not clearly saying their Band Name, and if they do, they
say it not clearly, or only very fast,

Than afterwards you think what was their Band Name...? So you need to say it clearly and for example also have something as an easy Recognisable Logo.

So make your Band name clear, and have some ways
people can find you,
and are able to contact you by using

Contact Forms on your Blog, to make it easy for your readers to send
you short Messages. Or through using the Commenting & Replying Areas
under individual Blog posts, to directly Interact with specific Blog post related topics.
To Give Your Readers Feedback.

Also have Social Media Buttons so you info can be shared with friends.

And that Readers can find you on things like your
Website, Webstore, and be easy to find through IMAGES on things
like Instagram, and in Pinterest Boards, and Twitter TWEETS, Work on Getting More Twitter Followers etc. etc.

Other Blog Posts You Might Like:

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A Little Off Topic, A "Summer Post" About Our Panoramic Landscape Flip Flops

As you know besides Making Music we also make Graphical Designs for ON Products, from amung other things our Photos

We also frequently use our Photos for Our Photo Collage TWEETS

For our Designs we also create things like Cartoons, recently on our
TRAVEL Blog we put up a Post titled:

Things To Take with You at the Beach

that you might like,

(Feel free to share this post with our social media buttons below this post or

Just as with making Music while it can be a smart thing
to start with doing Cover Songs that many people already know,
that already have an audience, you also like to give it
your own twist, 'your own flavor'

In a somewhat similar way one of our Beach Designs
is just a little different, giving it our own twist!

With our Designs we also do that and for example with
our Flip Flops we have done it a little different,
we made them into Panoramic Flip Flops,

Gotten Curious.....?

O.K. than you definitely want
to check out our special

Panoramic Landscape  

Design Flipflops ! ! !

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Making Music, Easlily Playing Along

Sometime ago on tv I saw an interview with a guitarist
explaining a word in an other language freely
translated as:

'Effortlessly' and how on the guitar you


Playing Sounding Like A Mood Pianist.

Do You Know What
Other Instuments I Play...?

Besides playing the Mouthorgan and also occasionally actually

Playing for an Audience during JAM-sessions
I also play Guitar & Piano. Recently in an attempt with

Making Music on the Piano,

Discover What I Attempt
to Sound Like On the Piano

I made an effort to sound as a Mood Pianist
playing something that sounds somewhat like 'Walk in Music'.

How I Experiment With it

I have been experimenting with


This Is An Interesting Blog Post
About 'Melody First'

Hello Music Enthousiast,
Thanks to have you on my blog again,

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts
about Piano Improvisation

I have experimented with some melody sequences and
also actually did discover some pretty wild improvisations,

And did practice some of the principles that I wrote about earlier,
and although it does feel somewhat liberating that


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JAMMING & Applause
From the Audience!

In this blog post I will attempt to explain the
complexity of my thoughts and feelings that accompanied
this second JAM-Session Playing for an Audience

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Making Music, Providing Harmony
Playing Chords

Hello Music Fan,
Thanks for being on this blog,

Recently with Our Little Music Group
we talked about Harmony & Melody.

Harmony is - as I read in a dictionary -
an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole,

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