Playing for an Audience

Do You Know About Any of the 
Great Music That's getting Performed? 

As you could also read about in a previous blog post titled:
So Many Things to Tell So Many Things to Show I noticed that there are many Performances I have listened to that I haven't yet wrote any Tweets or blog posts about.

We also like to show our Photography on our Twitter page,
Like for example some of  
our Recent - INSPIRED By NATURE/-MUSIC - Photo's from the for example several Birds, like....,  

Swans with their Nest of Youngs

(that we like so much that we actually
put them on a Beach Towel!)

Sand Martins  

also with threir nests, that you can't believe can be discovered
directly in our own neigbourhood !

or just a Harron sitting near a Pond, near the same location as the Sand Martins.

Or simply this 'from the Balcony' - Like an Opera Singer - Great Performing

Singing Sparrow

and the much Liked and Re-tweeted
Red Berry eating

Starling! ! !

(Thanks for Liking &

Just to name a few...…,
There is so much other things going on that
I like to show and write about,


Re-discovering the Importance of
Making Notes for this Music Blog


To WRITE about YOUR Music!!!

Great Music Listening;
Jazz-singer Sietske with her Band

DISCOVER endearing Music 

with Quiet Complexity

Some time ago infact a year ago in our local newspaper
in the Diary slot, I saw a short announcement about a music perfomance:
Jazz-singer Sietske with her band.

I like jazz music so I was curious about their music.

They played their latest release
titled: "Leaving Traces".

Sietkse explained the title: As I have understood, it has to

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My JAM-Session, So Many Angles
To Write About

For some time I have been procastinating to write about
my JAM-Session, because there are
So Many Things To Tell So Many Things To Show and there also are so many Angles
that I could write about it.....,

I also actually already did write about it a little
from the Angle of where I get my Inspiration from, (and the
Angle of Playing for An Audience
and from the Angle of My Mouthorgan itself you can read about it
in these  3 Blog posts titled:

* JAM-Session: Recently I Played In a JAM-Session


JAMMED Mouthorgan is Now
UN-JAMMED and Ready to GO ! ! !

Fixed it ! ! !

As a frequent reader of this blog you know that I
Like to Share Stories and tell you about that I recently

Played Mouthorgan in a JAM-session 


                              More about that Soon !

I also actually played with a
JAMMED Mouthorgan
Making it feel somewhat
like the Sand Yachting Experience I had some time ago
with windspeeds 6-7 that I wrote about
on my Travel Blog.

Do You Know What Happend 
To One of My Old Mouthorgans?
& Do you Know How I Fixed My JAMMED One….???

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