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16 januari 2021

Friendship; Lied over Vriendschap door Artiesten van Vrienden van Amstel LIVE

I Wrote about it before, in a previous post, 

Ik schreef al eens eerder over Vrienden van Amstel LIVE in voorgaande blog posts. 

Wondering about what kind of Setup for Online Performances you can think about, 

 Wellicht dat ik eens moet gaan nadenken over een Setup for Online Perfomances

This Postcard; and When I Woke Up this Morning......,

I discovered that one of our Postcards, this one with a cute Lady Bug
 you see here above was amung our 

  Latest Products SOLD 

Today I also heard a 'Hold On Song' on the Radio performed by Diana Ross, that made me think about this recently sold Postcard, 
and I was wondering if I could find a video from this song....., 

 You can see a live from Vienna performance from 2015

(There are also some other versions from both longer ago and less long ago, 
and a cute Official 'The Land Before Time'. Kids Movie Version)

Obvously we also have Many More 
Great Looking Card Designs you can Discover ! 

(Also Discover How you Can 

11 januari 2021

Last Year We Had a Huge Amount Of Music Inspiration !

In a recent post I wrote about the Importance of Making Notes 
I constantly write about ideas I have, and about Music 

Something that I use for my Music Developement.

I also like to look at some of last years Highlights 
that went really well and that is very Inspiring!  

One of those things are the Huge amount of Music Related TV-Shows 
and Online Events that have been Big Successes many of them 
also became amung our Top Tweets! 

To name a few with mainly New Talents

 (that reminds me of a slightly other show 
with already established well known artists Carpool Kareokee

and the Big Success Show

Than we have an other show that's also about Singing
also with already Successful and established Singers: 

with for example this Highly Special 

and we had amung other things, things like the..., 
Concert of Hope and EUROVISION

And in 2019 there was for example 

 Vrienden van Amstel live

10 januari 2021

Making Music, Great Piano Improvisation Tips


Hello Music Fan, 

Yesterday I discovered that I have the Chords (and Notes) of the Song Imagine 
from John Lennon, So that I now also can figure out how to play the Chords on Guitar, and Piano.

in a previous post I wrote about

Providing Harmony Playing Chords
In this Video you get a great Insight into 
How you can play like a MOOD Pianist in a Restaurant does, 
Since that video I have been practicing occasionally and starting 
to get a better feel for where the chords are located on the keyboard.

When I play by ear, occasionally it does seem like I am Easily Playing Along
Like the Wind or a Rippling Creek as I wrote about some time ago before,
and that I also Published 

on my Special Making Music Page. 

Like a Rippling Creek and
Like Walking:

To elaborate a little on such Improvisations, with doing some research on the Internet, I read about a nice Analogy for such an approach,

Like Walking, your walk as
having 4 Fundamental Areas:

1) HOME, (like the base, like the house you keep returning to)
2) your front doorstep
3) the Sidewalk
4) a more distant destination

Now on Youtube I did find an other interesting video that gives some insights into how to do Improvisations and be able to make it like an INTRO to a song
or make it like great MOOD Music.

Starting with the well known
John Lennon song Imagine
(see video here above)

JAMMING & Aplause from the Audience

9 januari 2021

DI-RECT Song in The Voice of Holland

7 januari 2021

Re-discovering the Importance of Making Notes for Your Music Developement In a Specially Designed Notebook


To WRITE about YOUR Music!!!

On this blog I contantly write about Music,
and Music Related Topics like in Some of the Previous posts I wrote on this blog about the Award Winning Ben Liebrand, Other Award Winners, like from the Voice Of Holland

the Spontaniously Playing Train Station Pianoists, And Violin Playing in the Street !,
and My Own JAM-Session Performance....,

The Special Cover Song with Funny Annimation Video, a Recent Performance I have Been to, and the Fashion we Have in our Hitparade, Popstars also sometimes can be famous because of their Fashion Sense

GOOD LUCK for the New Year with Great Looking & FUN Fashion Designs !

As you know, just as with Making Music there are many different Styles and Music Tastes

For what our Fashion-designs is concerned we also have a 
wide variety in Styles & Tastes, 

Some like our great looking Atalanta Butterfly T-Shirt, our Cartoon Spiders Hoodie or our Popular, Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Hoodie or to stay with the 'Leaves'...., our recently Sold,  

                                Four Leaf Clover Shirt

and others might prefer for example any of our 


Fashion Designs !

We have many Great Looking Nature Inspired Designs like the one you see here above, and did you know that we also have a Special 

I show you a few Designs Examples in a previous blog post titled: 

EDS Fashion Has 

Great Looking Designs & FUN Fashion ! 


I just had a look at our Latest Products Sold and Seeing this Special Design from our Four Leaf Clover Designs it is Great to see that we start the year with yet an other Sale. A Great Looking Product as usual 
with many Style Options

This time not one of our usual EVERGREEN Designs  

This time it's the Four Leaf Clover Design 
you see in the Tweet here below: 

It would be great when also this Design Gains MOMENTUM ! 

Talking about MOMENTUM

I just had a look this MOMENTUM Principle again, and discovered that for example the 

T-Shirts and  Hoodies here below, all once they get on the First Pages - GAIN Popularity and all keep getting

Multiple Sales from you 

Naturelovers with sense of style !

For our Webstore(s) as a Focus Point I look at whatYou Want the Most
and for that I look amung other things at our

Latest Products Sold that usually are Products you can find in our

TOP 5 of Most Popular Products like for example one of the 

Most Important Categories….,

Clothing & Shoes

Besides Our Hoodies
Like our firstly sold Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Hoodiethat (atleast when I just checked) was
still standing Strong ON TOP together with an other somewhat similar design from us !

(Also Notice the MATCHING same Design 
Many Different Style T-Shirts and Ginkgo Design Leggings

Like On - Page 38 - from 
Our YEARBOOK 2019 !

And Our Many 

Like our, 

and our YELLOW Tennisball Cartoon design for our

Tennis Polo Shirt

And Our Biggest Sales usually are ALL in the


Daffodils Spring Flowers Legging

Daffodils Spring Flowers Yellow Orange Legging

Yellow Tulips Field Legging

Also our (Green) Wisteria Legging And (White) Wild Garlic Flowers Legging and our

Red and White Tulips Leggings 

How To
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