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Easily Flip-Flopping through
Your CD's or DVD's.

Although having actual CD's is almost already
something from the past with things like

Digital Music


MP3 Players Nevertheless I still have plenty
of CD's lying arround infact I even still have
a few actual vinyl records! :)


With all those CD's a so called 'CD-Wallet' -
I call it a 'Flip flop-album'
- is an easy way
to easily 'Flip-Flop' through your CD's (or DVD's).

(Also practical when you easily
want to flip throught multiple CD's
to find
interesting tracks for

Mixing Your Music)

You can find such a 'CD-Wallet' at

The Great Music Listening Page.

'Easy flip through your CD's or (Music) DVD's'

Besides You MUSIC DVD's can also use them

for your MOVIE DVD's you can find
more info about Movies at:


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