Pretty Amazing Software for Mixing Music

I discovered an intersting product for you
that I think you might like.

(Discover How we MIX/Combine

several differen techiques
in our Designs at:


'I have a little story
for you about

Mixing Music

Because some time ago a friend of mine showed me some
Great Software for Mixing Music,

Virtual DJ and it was a lot of fun
working with this Software.

Making Mixing
A Lot Easier:

With this software you really are
in 'DJ Heaven', because this software
makes Mixing Music so much easier than in the old day's
working with my tape decks, or record player.

Although some of my Records did show the Beats Per Minute (BPM's)
It usually wasn't alway's that easy to get it right
as with this software.
Now with this Software you can simply look at your Music and at
your Beats in a Graph, especially with the Sinc Button making
it a lot easier to get those Beats right!

Before you know it you will be making
your own

Music Mixes

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2 opmerkingen:

Marco Dijkstra zei

Hi all !

Virtual DJ is a fantastic program to create your own music and to make fantastic mixes.

It's easy to download and once the pogramm is downloaded on your computer you can start directly.

No further installation is required when downloading the "Home Free Edition".

By practising a lot of times you will be able to use the program faster as you might think.

Just try it and you'll see how much fun you'll have with the program.

I have already used the program many times and have made my own mixes.

You'll find them on

Click on the link in the tweet and make a choice by listening or by downloading the music.

These mixes are perfect examples in how I have created my own mixes.

Like HP said : everything what you're doing in the program is shown on the display of your computer.

Such as : BPM , loopings , synchro start etc.

Now try it for yourself and see what this prgram can mention for you.

See ya soon!

BTW : I am always pleased to hear comments on my mixes.

Marco WA

hpvanduuren zei

Yes, as I also wrote in the title of this blogpost it's pretty amazing software for Mixing Music.

I had the privilege to see you demonstrate this software, and it was pretty amazing to see how easy you can synchronise those beats and how you can seperately 'Fine tune' the tracks and smoothly - Mix - one track into the other.

It's a lot of FUN!

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