Lidl South Sea Jazz 2012

Recently I had been invited to the Lidl South Sea Jazz
There where several great acts with music you
might like to consider adding to your music collection,
Music that I think you might really like
like for example from the orchestra

Licks & Brains for when you are in the mood for
some really Splashing Funcky Music, or else when for example
you are more into some Highly Energetic Rock Solid Up Tempo
Salsa and Funcky Sound
by the band Massada.

Also Madeline Bell that I wrote about on this blog
in a previous post some years ago titled:

Laren Jazz 2010 was also performing, this time accompanied by the absolute solid, and
more than Perfectly Smooth and Harmonious Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw
also something you don't want to mis in your music collection,
and talking about - Harmonious -, also chromatic mouthorgan player
Martijn Luttmer accompanied this orchestra
and Made the Crowd Cheer.

'I had the opportunity to meet
them both, and with Madeline Bell
also had a chance to talk about her performance

she did at Laren Jazz 2010 when Louis van Dijk
accompanied her on piano, and I did get
a signed copy of the CD 'Tribute to Ray Charles'

Some years ago I also actually wrote a special post
about some other

Worldclass mouthorgan magic

You can also have a look at:

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw feat Madeline Bell

CD Presentation La Libelula - Martijn Luttmer

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Lidel Shouth Sea Jazz 2012

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