To My Surprise I Saw Several People
that I Met at the Grammy Awards!

Good Morning, - Afternoon or - Evening,
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Great to have
you here on this blog, because today
I have a

Great Story
for you....,

Recently I looked at the Grammy Awards, and
Although - as you can read about

on the About Page
It's not entirely uncommon for me to meet somebody famous...,

At the Grammy Awards you could see many really famous Artists,
those that you will not expect to frequently meet, or bump into
at your local Super Market.

So I didn't really expect to see many people
that I actually ever met at the Award Show.

'So you can imagine how surprised
I was to actually see several I had met amungst them!'

Because to my surprise when a Band called the Black Key's
came on stage I saw that they appreared together with an other Band Called the
Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Since I do like Jazz Music
And like to Listen to Great Music

(as you can for example also
read about in my post titled:

Lidel Shouth Sea Jazz 2012)

I actually met that particular Jazz Band yeeeears ago
on one of my many

Music Adventures when I
saw them perform in New Orleanse.

Funny Story

(Btw. you can read more about
things like writing Great Stories etc. etc.
on the special Happy WRITING Blog)


It was somewhat of a Funny Story, because back than when I heared
about the Prevervation - Hall - Jazz Band,
just as with many things that I saw being really big, like
all the Huge Big Shops, with lare parkings etc. etc.

I expected something like a really huge
Hall or Arena type of space,
while it was more like something of a Livingroom sized room
fully packed with people, where they performed
when I saw them.

and since it was a rather small space,
I also actually had an opportunity to met those guys,
and got their CD with on the CD Inlay autographs
from all the band members!

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