JAMMED Mouthorgan is Now
UN-JAMMED and Ready to GO ! ! !

Fixed it ! ! !

As a frequent reader of this blog you know that I
Like to Share Stories and tell you about that I recently

Played Mouthorgan in a JAM-session 


                              More about that Soon !

I also actually played with a
JAMMED Mouthorgan
Making it feel somewhat
like the Sand Yachting Experience I had some time ago
with windspeeds 6-7 that I wrote about
on my Travel Blog.

Do You Know What Happend 
To One of My Old Mouthorgans?
& Do you Know How I Fixed My JAMMED One….???


Recently, I Played Mouthorgan
In a JAM-Session

Do you know How 
I get Ideas for New Blog Posts? 

For this Blog I Frequently Write Notes in My (Music) Journal to get new ideas
for writing new blog posts,(or Tweets) and that's one of the many reasons
that I have So Many Things to tell and so many things to show,

Do You Know about some of my many 
Other Sources of Inspiration to Write New Blog posts...???

Self-awareness And Discovering
Opportunities to Grow

Discover this Great Secret 
from Successful Creative People

As I wrote about in a previous post about

Journaling & Songwriting, I wrote about how

Your JOURNAL is your NR. 1 ASSET as a Creative Person


Journaling and Songwriting

Do You Know Where 
I recently went..?

As I wrote before recently I went to an Art Café, with amung other things


Latin Music Performance

What New Things Do You Think
I Learned About…? 

Recently I went to an Art Café, with amung other things
a presentation about Using Photo Collages for Art Journaling and I learned that
there also would be a Music Preformance (also see our Tweet about it)

from a South American Trio, with everybody from an different part
of South America. I read about a Singer from Argentina,

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