Music Connections

Although I don't write many posts on this blog,
I do have a strong connection with Music;
I even worked full-time in the Music Business
for a while.

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Music Connections
& Music Memories:

It's wonderful how Music connects people,
Musicians understand each other and form unexpected

Because of the recent death of Prince there's
more of his music on the radio. (Also several other
big artists from that time passed away recently.)
It brings back a lot of memories from my youth
and also of my time in the Music Business,
many years ago.

On one occasion at my Tennis Club there where several
artists performing. At one funny moment a singer dropped her
long hair over the head of a bold man from another band,
so it looked as if the man had long hair.

Tennis Tournament:

I also remember that we had a Tennis Tournament
with collegues and Artists. Among the artists
was the singer who sang at my tennisclub. We played
in the same poule. Everybody had a lot of fun
and we had many laughter attacks.

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Now recently, on Kingsday, at our town square
there was a performance of the same singer from that time.
A great chance to see and hear her again, so I went there.
She asked someone from the audience on stage to sing and dance along.
To my surprise she choose me.
After such a long time (more than 15 years ago) she
didn't recognize me but the relaxed
and fun vibe was still there!

Lucky enough I did recognized a Rumba in the Music,
so had some notion about how to move,
to the Music, only it was

Pretty spontaneous, and somewhat awkward,
because while I do have voice-/microphone experience,
know the movie GEASE, and am pretty
familiar with most of the lyrics of the songs,
Unfortunately especially this particular
track Nr. 13 as I recognized later on
on my GREASE CD titled:

'Those Magic Changes'.

I hardly knew any of the lyrics from.

I also am not particularly used to standing on stage and
combining dancing with acting out a song that
I don't know very well, without any rehearsal, or sound check
hardly hearing myself, so to my surprise the last
slightly to high note, probably must have sounded
somewhat like a Sea Lion that did catch a cold.

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