Great Music Listening;
Jazz-singer Sietske with her Band

DISCOVER endearing Music 

with Quiet Complexity

In our local newspaper in the Diary slot,
I saw a short announcement about a music perfomance:
Jazz-singer Sietske with her band.

I like jazz music so I was curious about their music.

They played their latest release
titled: "Leaving Traces".

Sietkse explained the title: As I have understood, it has to

do with the fact that encounters with other people
can - Leave Traces -, can help to get new ideas, insights
and can help stretch beyond the things we know.

Something that made me think about one of our previous
Tweets, early this year, our Nature Walks in Winter:
specially the one about the Sheep leaving a Trail.
(and also a tweet about Lost Objects)

                     Sietske also told the audience, that she allways
                     wants that the song tells a story.

On you can read more background info
and interesting facts about their music making proces.

There you can also read about
- her music being endearing with a quiet complexity -.
That indeed is a great description for how I have
experienced the music.

It makes me think about one of my previous blog posts
on this blog titled:

Easily Playing Along
With relaxing sounds that seem to come effortlessly,
like the wind or a rippling creek.

Some of the things that I noticed from the band was
that the base player occasionally used a drumstick
to gently drum on the strings.

The percusionist too used sometimes soft drumsticks
to play on the symbals to add subtile 'special effects'.

Also I noticed that the guitar and the piano - like other instruments -
occasionally seemed to be connected and intertwined. It sounded like
you could barely know if it was the piano or the guitar you listned to.

It was a Great Listening experience,

Together with occasional Scat singing at the same time,
making it an extra special experience:
                                         - Leaving Traces -

I also made a Tweet about it as you can see here below:

Talking About
Chasing Rainbows...,

One of the tracks that she performed is titled:
Chasing Rainbows, and funny enough,
Recently we took photos for an annual Photo Competition
And one of our Photos was from a Unusual Special Rainbow,

We also made a Poster from this Photo
as you can see here below:

You can read more background info about this photo on our Digital Camera-ideas Blog in a Blog post titled:

More of Our Photos
That Are Made Into Posters

Rainbow over Tulips Field Poster

Rainbow over Tulips Field Poster

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See This Poster

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An other Music Video you might you can
discover in a blog post titled:
Happy Music, Summer Time

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