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In one of my previous blog posts
from Singer Sietske and Band you can
also find a link to a Music Video

See Blog post titled:
Music Performance
Jazz Singer Sietske

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Great Music Listening; Glennis Grace, Tribute
To Whitney Houston

Great Voice!

'Lady G
one of the Ladies of Soul (Dutch)   
Ladies of Soul (English)

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Great Music Listening at
Life Music Perfomance with,
Singing & Dancing +
An Audio Visual Presentation

DISCOVER All About this 

Comprehensive Performance

When I go to Music Performances
you usually can read a blog post about it.

In the Tweet here above you see that we went to
a Life Music Performance with Singing & Dancing
from the mosaic teacher of my sister.

It was a Great Listening experience,

There was a wide range, well known Repertoire

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