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Not that long ago we only had about 30 of you Following our Twitter, 
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Many of you are Music Lovers…., 

(talking about - LOVE - did I mention that we
                                             have a VALENTINES Collection ? )

…., and that you also LOVE things like 

Fashion, Travel, Wining & Dining and that - WE - LOVE to create 
Great Photography & Special Designs you can Buy in our Web Store(s) ? (we also have a special TRAVEL Web Store with TRAVEL Designs/-Products)

We continiously have new Tweets, Pins, Blog posts etc. for you,
writing for example about things like me working on Creating a CHORD BOOK with Music Reportoire that I can use to Practice with Making Music, or sharing with you - The story behind our designs -, for it I have several different types of Note Books to write up Notes and Ideas, we even created several 
                                  Special Purpose Specially Designed Notebooks for it!

It's great to See
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to keep Up-To-Date about things that
are going on here at Edelhert Design Studio (EDS), Looking
at Our EDS News Facts Blog read
for example about the

Photo Contests we Won

And read about how you can use Great Photography for Music Merchandising,

or read about the Fotoshoots we done at special locations! and the

T-Shirt you can Customize with your own Text!

DISCOVER info about Mixing Music, Making Music
and Great Music Listening

or for example that you can DISCOVER a Special Designs On Speakers! with a
Funny Cartoon Music Animal on it! and with this Musician Cartoon Animal
also on Head Phones with also other designs like for example a
Reptile Snake Skin Pattern Design with Lightning! and Other Desings.
that make Perfect NEW YEARS GIFTS!!!!

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